Club Med

Digitalization in Club Med agency located in Lille

We designed a turnkey digital design concept in order to attract people into the agency located in Lille, provide quality perception by using innovative communication technologies and generate a comfort sensation.

  • Outside windows: Special film Projections into special shapes (bubbles etc.) to attract the viewers’ attention, and give a glimpse of the ambiances of Club Med resorts.
  • Entrance: 3 different solutions:
    • An interactive floor with projected images reacting to the visitors’ movements. This being particularly effective to keep children occupied.
    • A switchable glass wall which, can be opaque or transparent depending on occupancy of the office behind, and when opaque showing pleasant and fun visuals about the club med resorts.
    • An olfactory system contributes to even further enhance this immersive experience.
  • Main room: Wireless smartphone charging systems inserted into the tables, and a Music system free of rights containing personalized playlists are providing both comfort and service to clients and sales staff.