Our activities are concentrated around 4 main services:


Having done a lot of projects over the years, we’ve gone through many different technologies and understood the
“how to” of integration of those new media, that we can now successfully help you to become more efficient, faster
and with less budget.

Wonder how to use innovative communication tools in your organization ? Don’t know what sensitive technology is
good for you ? Interested in getting some help in deploying a big technology project f ?

For those and many more questions, we can help you to find the most adapted solution to your needs.


Today’s customers want to be informed, entertained…but also decide, act and choose by themselves. Digital and sensitive technologies are of great help to provide exactly that to your visitors.

Ergo Concepts develops around all sorts of digital tools ranging from basic presence sensors up to virtual reality to create engagement and interaction with your visitors. All sorts of solutions exist to match your requirements in terms of use, comfort and …budget !


Event the brightest Technology will be of no help if story and contents are poor !

Ergo Concepts has set up a team of experts which will help you to create everything from simple images to 3D animations, from storyboards to complete animated contents.


A successful animation is the one for which the visitor only remembers the experience and the emotion, without having even noticed what technology was used. Amazement is generated by a mixture of impressing technologies, fully mastered contents, harmonious integration and perfect match of the delivered message with your environment.

Ergo Concepts manages, prepares and integrates the selected solutions so that for your customers they are completely easy to use and perceived as a totally natural part of your facility.


With its extensive experience in sensitive architecture, Ergo Concepts decided to launch new products which can be used off the shelf and provide great value with minimum costs. The most striking of those new concepts is definitely MON LUMI the full integrated interactive mapping lamp.

This new concept has been successfully introduced in march 2017 during Euroshop in Düsseldorf, and it just won the DIGITAL MARKETING award at Restaurant & Bar Tech in Londres in September 2017, before getting huge attention during ISE in february 2018 and before going to VIVA TECH from 24 to 26 of may on the PMU booth.

The products offer the possibility to project interactive (or not) video mapping contents on tables, or floors directly from an integrated lamp integrating all which is needed to perform stunning animations. The concept has been primarily designed for stores, restaurants, hotels, bars, but also corporate lobbies, and all sorts of waiting areas.

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