Ergo Concepts covers various different aspects of sensitive & digital communication


We provide expertise on all user interfaces needed to perform sensitive and digital communication
(tactile, interactivity, mappings, holography, virtual and augmented reality, audio video, apps, etc..) helping you to integrate standard or custom made applications and solutions.

Last but not least, we systematically integrate in our services the notion of ROI (Return On Investment),
providing various tools to analyze and assess the results of your sensitive communication actions
(Measurements include counting, dwell time, satisfaction, heat maps etc..)


Ergo Concepts works with customers in all sorts of branches. Our clients are malls and retailers, hotels,
restaurants and exhibitions, but also museums, corporate lobbies, and the transportation sectors to
name just a few.


We provide various services: From consultancy, to specific concept definition, projects coordination,
apps developments or technology sourcing and training.

Just ask us, what you need, we’ll help enjoy and make yours those powerful tools.